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Media Placement & Campaign Management

With all the new and different media choices, the demands on your advertising expenditures are greater than ever.   Are you spending the right amount of money? Are you spending it in the right place?  Are you reaching your target market?

Knowing what to say is only half the battle, knowing where to say it can make all the difference.  ExpoZur will help you to analyze the market place and determine the best vehicle for your message.  We will then position your advertising to best reach your target audience and optimize your advertising budget. 

ExpoZur’s campaign management program will take your advertising program from inception to completion. We will develop and place your advertising as well as track its success. With proper campaign management, you will be able to accurately judge the success of your advertising dollar.

Media Buys & Ad Placement
Web 2.0 Coordination
Budget & ROI Management


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