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Branding is a process in which an image is created and supported to illicit an emotional response from its recipient. All businesses products and services are essentially brands that need to communicate a message to the end user. The message should be definitive and constant so that the consumer gains a clear understanding of the product or service represented by the brand. In branding, the message and the frequency are the key elements to communicating to the consumer.

MAPing ™
(Marketing- Advertising-Public Relations-Integration)
MAPingTM is a process in which we mix strategic elements of marketing, advertising and public relations to create a long-term, product or service positioning strategy. These campaigns are usually staged or phased in over a period of time to generate a continuous awareness of the product or service in the market place. Although the medium may change, the philosophy is to send a consistent and clear message.

BAMing ™
(Brand- Accelerated-Marketing)
BAMingTM is a process in which a product or service’s branding elements are pushed into the market place at an accelerated pace. The emphasis of the campaign is to create an immediate awareness for the product, service or event. There is usually a timing element involved with the focus being on a short-term, intense campaign. Multi medium may be utilized but the message is clear and defined and the positioning is more conducive to immediate results.


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